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Pain-Free Exercise & Holistic Therapy

Discover how we perfectly combine cutting-edge technology with proven holistic methods to: get rid of your daily aches & pains, naturally reverse aging, melt away stubborn fat, and keep you performing at the top of your game!

What is New Dimensions?

Brantley Hawkins

New Dimensions is Your Premier Health & Performance Club, Backed by Medical Science.
Founded in the heart of Orlando, FL by Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT & Justin Cobb, MPT, ATC, LAT, CSCS who’s exceptional techniques have been written about in over 500 publications.

Their Superior Wellness System perfectly combines all aspects of Health, Fitness, and Wellness in a way that has never been seen before. It’s often described as incomparable to any Gym, Physical Therapy clinic, or Health & Holistic Wellness center in Orlando.

Justin Cobb

Programs are Individually Crafted for:

Injuries, Aches & Pains

Vitality & Vigor

Fitness & Sports Performance

De-Stressing & Recovering

Better Sex

Stubborn Fat & Weight-Loss


And many more!

Is New Dimensions Right For Me?

Come. Stop wasting your time, stop wasting your money anywhere else

Orange Tree golfer was told SURGERY was the only way to fix his low back pain.


Experience the Difference of Individually Crafted Care

Step 1: “Understanding You”

The most over looked step: A face-to-face conversation, where our experts can listen to you in order to better understand your unique situation.

Step 2: “See What You’re Made of”

The InBody Test breaks down your body composition and in turn tracks your progress to staying fit and healthy.

Step 3: “Backed by Medical Science”

Our thorough full-body assessments are performed by our expert medical professionals to expose the root cause of any injury, ache or pain and also serves as the blueprint to future-proof your body!

Step 4: “Craft Your Action Plan”

We then carefully craft your individualized action plan to get the results your need, FAST, for a lifetime of Vitality, Vigor, and Performance!

Best Physical Therapy in Orlando

Top Physical Therapists in Orlando
Physical Therapists in Orlando
Top Physical Therapist in Orlando

What others are saying about us


Ben Saunders

Ben Saunders

New Dimensions Wellness and Education helped me prepare differently for my fights then I have in the past. Justin’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, healing, biomechanics and Neuro Emotional Techniques allowed me to treat my entire body and mind through my training camp. I was stronger, more flexible, more symmetrical in my movements and had increased mental focus after going through the program. I will seek him out in the future to prepare for my professional fights.

UFC, MMA Fighter
Janet Nelson

Jameer Nelson

New Dimensions Wellness and Education’s offseason program helped me get in shape and identify anatomical compensations that were limiting my potential. The unique techniques and exercises given by Justin allowed me to enter the NBA season prepared and ready.

NBA Player Orlando Magic
Jeff Villanueva

Jeff Villanueva

Justin Cobb and the staff at New Dimension Wellness are simply the best at what they do! Right from the start they were completely helpful with answering any questions I had about rehabilitation to training. This expert training and experience helped me achieve my goals faster and exceeded my expectations.

Chris Palumbo

Chris Palumbo

New Dimensions is a top notch facility that has an innovative approach to wellness and health. The great instructors helped me to see a more sustainable way of being fit and building strength. Thank you to the entire staff for your commitment to helping make my health a priority. I Highly recommend New Dimensions for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their personal fitness.

Jhon Kukor

Jonathan Kukor

New dimension is Orlando’s premiere facility for athletic performance and rehabilitation. Justin and Brantley are extremely forward thinking therapists who bring years of experience treating world class athletes to active teens and adults.Additionally they offer acupuncture, a hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, and fantastic group exercise classes. If you haven’t checked this place out, you really need to.

Alessandra Massi

I was fortunate to find Brantley and his unique approach to movement/rehabilitation at a time when I had dislocated my shoulder and was experiencing strong pain and limitation. Brantley is professional, caring, very knowledgeable with up to date, and innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises that over the time period I committed to working with Brantley, greatly alleviated and allowed me greater range of motion and a decline in discomfort and pain. Training sessions and rehabilitation with Brantley were always enjoyable and he is a true professional in his field. Highly recommended.

Dana Distefano

Dana DiStefano

Not only is this an amazing place to workout with their group classes, but this place also provides EVERYTHING you need to be feeling your best self! Let alone the peaceful common areas, the building is SO clean and well taken care of. This place is so much more than a gym and worth every penny. Their group classes are fun (and always different). Brantley and Justin take YOUR particular well being into consideration. They will walk any individual through modifications if you have an injury in the middle of class. They truly want the best for everyone. They even let you take your first two classes free! You will not regret trying this place!


This is not regular physical therapy or a regular gym in Orlando! Our rehabilitation and fitness programs are carefully crafted to return active individuals to exercise and living an active, healthy lifestyle.

New Dimensions is for the active individual who is looking to fix their aches & pains and/or get the most out of their overall health & fitness.

Is this you?