Everything Professional Athletes Do, But Designed For The Everyday YOU!

Discover how we:

  • Get rid of your daily aches & pains
  • Naturally reverse aging & shed stubborn-fat
  • Keep you performing at the top of your game!

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What is New Dimensions?

Brantley Hawkins - New Dimension Wellness Club

New Dimensions is Your Premier Health & Performance Club, Backed by Medical Science.
Founded in the heart of Orlando, FL by Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT & Justin Cobb, MPT, ATC, LAT, CSCS who’s exceptional techniques have been written about in over 500 publications.

Their Superior Wellness System perfectly combines all aspects of Health, Fitness, and Wellness in a way that has never been seen before. It’s often described as incomparable to any Gym, Physical Therapy clinic, or Health & Holistic Wellness center in Orlando.

Justin Cobb - New Dimension Wellness Club

Why It Works

Programs are Individually Crafted for:

Injuries, Aches & Pains

Flexibility & Posture

Fitness & Toning

Sports Performance

De-Stressing & Recovery

Anti-Aging & Vitality

And many more!

#1 Google Rated PT Clinic in Orlando - New Dimension Wellness Club

Is New Dimensions Right For Me?

New Dimensions Wellness

Come. Stop wasting your time, stop wasting your money anywhere else

Orange Tree golfer was told SURGERY was the only way to fix his low back pain.


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Experience the Difference of Individually Crafted Care

Step 1: “Understanding You”

The most over looked step: A face-to-face conversation, where our experts can listen to you in order to better understand your unique situation.

Step 2: “Backed by Medical Science”

Our thorough full-body assessments are performed by our expert medical professionals to expose the root cause of any injury, ache or pain and also serves as the blueprint to future-proof your body!

Step 3: “Craft Your Action Plan”

We then carefully craft your individualized action plan to get the results your need, FAST, for a lifetime of Vitality, Vigor, and Performance!

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This is not regular physical therapy or a regular gym in Orlando! Our rehabilitation and fitness programs are carefully crafted to return active individuals to exercise and living an active, healthy lifestyle.

New Dimensions is for the active individual who is looking to fix their aches & pains and/or get the most out of their overall health & fitness.

Is this you?