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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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“You will move your body and loosen your joints in ways that you haven’t before.
It’s not your typical weight training, it’s not cross-fit, it’s not crunch fitness”

New Dimensions Wellness Club

Is this program right for me?

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What’s Included?

Our groundbreaking program offers a holistic approach to wellness, empowering you to break free from stubborn fat, enhance flexibility and strength, and nourish your body and mind:

  1. Innovative Workouts: Join us for (3) weekly engaging workouts with our expert coaches.
  2. Nutritional Empowerment: Experience personalized meal plans to nourish your body and fuel your wellness journey.
  3. Accountability Coach: Your dedicated accountability coach will ensure you’re progressing and maintaining momentum.
  4. Holistic Health Treatments: Relax, detox, and rejuvenate with our soothing holistic health treatments.
  5. Elite Facility: Experience wellness at its finest at the #1 Wellness Gym rated by

What’s The Catch?

What’s the catch, you ask? Well my wife and I are about to have our first born, so I made a promise to her that I was going to change more lives this year than ever before!

That’s why we’re offering this revolutionary wellness challenge absolutely FREE of charge for the first (25) people!

How does it works?

Here’s our innovative yet simple approach:

To claim your spot in the challenge, you make an accountability deposit (a strategy that’s boosted our challenge success by a whopping 87%!!). Complete the challenge, and you’ll receive a full refund in cash or store credit, your choice. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we promise a 100% hassle-free refund. We’re committed to serving those we help.

Our Guarantee!

We have unwavering confidence in our program’s transformative power. If, at the end of the journey, you feel the experience didn’t surpass your expectations, we’ll personally write you a refund check.

Remember, the best-case scenario: we transform your life. The worst-case: you get to enjoy a month of free workouts and health-boosting activities. You have NO risk!

Who is this for?

If you want to live an active holistic lifestyle and need a jumpstart to your health & fitness. If you want to maintain or regain your athleticism, age gracefully and feel amazing. And, if permanent results matter more to you than a quick fix, this challenge is for you!

Don’t hesitate! The next group is on the move next week! This exclusive opportunity is limited to action takers who are ready to make a positive lifestyle change. Claim your place today while there is still availability!

Claim Now! While Still Available

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Some testimonials

“All Love Everything. That is the New Dimensions team’s best saying, and it creates an environment of positivity, team-work, and hope. If you’ve struggled with weight-loss or minor aches as you age, New Dimensions has everything you need – just bring a little motivation for change. Start with the classes, stay for the proactive physical therapy, sauna, light therapy, cranio-sacral massage, mental training, and more. They have helped me overcome both hip and knee pain and I am already stronger, smarter, and healthier because of their care for natural movement long-term. They have provided an approach to fitness that excited me so much that I moved from Nashville to Orlando to work with them!”

New Dimensions Wellness Club
Fitness Center in Orlando

Rebecca Whitney
Age: 49

“The thing I hated most on my body was my little stomach pouch. When I was in my 20s, I use to run 5 miles every day and worked with a personal trainer 3 to 4 times per week. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and was never proud of my body when I looked in the mirror. I tried going vegetarian, intermittent fasting, even border line starvation, but nothing helped. It wasn’t until I began doing these particular exercises with New Dimensions that I finally began to see my abs! My confidence has sky rocketed and I’m no longer afraid to show off my body! I have even modeled in a few bikini shoots at age 35!”

New Dimensions Wellness Club
Physical Training Center in Orlando
Hannah Mae Levy
Age: 36

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Health & Fitness Programs in Orlando

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Health & Fitness Programs in Orlando

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