To all my Orlando people, Are you ready to jumpstart your health & Fitness?!? with our FREE 28-Day Challenge.

Are you too young to feel this damn old?
Are you not getting the results that you deserve in the gym?
New Dimensions Wellness

Key Focuses:

Weight-loss & Stubborn-Fat, Flexibility & Strength, Nutrition & Recovery, Detox & De-Stress

Is this program right for me?

What’s included each week:

  • 3 workouts with a coach
  • Personalized nutrition coaching and meal planning
  • Accountability coach (to make sure you show up!)
  • Recovery therapies using cutting-edge technology
  • Holistic health treatments to de-stress and detox
  • #1 Gym and Wellness facility rated by expertise.com!

What’s the Catch

My wife and I are having our first baby this year and I vowed to her that I am going to change more lives than ever before! So, the first (25) people to start this challenge, it’s 100% FREE!

How does it works?

Here’s how it works. You put down an accountability deposit to claim your spot in the challenge (this has improved the challenge success by 87%!!). Once you complete the challenge, you get a full refund in cash or store credit to continue at the facility!

Our Guarantee

If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you get a 100% hassle-free refund. I don’t take money from people I don’t help.

We are so confident in our ability to blow you away with our world class wellness gym, that I offer a personal satisfaction guarantee.

If you get to the end of this program and you feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, I’ll write you a refund check myself.

Best-case scenario, I change your life; worst case, you worked out and did amazing things for your health, all for free. You have no risk.

Top Physical Therapists in Orlando
Physical Therapists in Orlando
Top Physical Therapist in Orlando


Some testimonials

“I was stuck at home taking mega-doses of ibuprofen, and was unable to get anything done. I first tried physical therapy but it didn’t work. Based on what my doctors told me, they said I needed a surgical solution. I then learned about New Dimensions, but I was concerned that it wasn’t going to work for me and that I would have to get surgery anyway.
Now, I’m able to play tennis 5 to 6 times per week! I can still compete when I want to without pain and I never had to get surgery!
New Dimensions changed my life!”

Robert Jolly
Age: 59

I was fortunate to find Brantley and his unique approach to movement/rehabilitation at a time when I had dislocated my shoulder and was experiencing strong pain and limitations. Brantley is professional, caring, very knowledgeable with up to date innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises. Over the time period I committed to working with Brantley, my shoulder was greatly alleviated and allowed me greater range of motion as well as a decline in discomfort and pain. Training sessions and rehabilitation with Brantley were always enjoyable and he is a true professional in his field. Highly recommended.

Alessandra Massi
Age: 36


You Deserve a Life that is Simply, Pain-Free, and Happy

When it Comes to your Health, You Deserve the Very Best

One Size Does NOT Fit All. Individualized Care Only

There is No “Quick Fix” to Replace a Long-Term Solution

Sports Performance MUST Mirror Sports Medicine