“Active Individuals in Orlando Looking for Better Flexibility & Movement While Toning Up Your Body”

Bored with your old gym routine?
No longer getting the results you deserve?
Want a guaranteed way to tone-up your body while improving your flexibility without having to stretch?
New Dimensions Wellness

“You will move your body and loosen your joints in ways that you haven’t before.
It’s not your typical weight training, it’s not cross-fit, it’s not crunch fitness”

Is this program right for me?

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What’s included?

This $39 Special not only includes a private session that is carefully crafted to unlock your body and free you from your daily aches and pains, but it also includes a Red Light Therapy & Infrared Sauna session that will leave you feeling de-stressed, refreshed and revitalized!

Our Guarantee!

We have unwavering confidence in our program’s transformative power. If, at the end of the journey, you feel the experience didn’t surpass your expectations, we’ll personally write you a refund check.

Remember, the best-case scenario: we transform your life.

Worst-case: you get to all of these amazing things for your health, completely FREE! You have no risk

Top Physical Therapists in Orlando
Physical Therapists in Orlando
Top Physical Therapist in Orlando


Some testimonials

“I was stuck at home taking mega-doses of ibuprofen, and was unable to get anything done. I first tried physical therapy but it didn’t work. Based on what my doctors told me, they said I needed a surgical solution. I then learned about New Dimensions, but I was concerned that it wasn’t going to work for me and that I would have to get surgery anyway.
Now, I’m able to play tennis 5 to 6 times per week! I can still compete when I want to without pain and I never had to get surgery!
New Dimensions changed my life!”

Robert Jolly
Age: 59

“All Love Everything. That is the New Dimensions team’s best saying, and it creates an environment of positivity, team-work, and hope. If you’ve struggled with weight-loss or minor aches as you age, New Dimensions has everything you need – just bring a little motivation for change. Start with the classes, stay for the proactive physical therapy, sauna, light therapy, cranio-sacral massage, mental training, and more. They have helped me overcome both hip and knee pain and I am already stronger, smarter, and healthier because of their care for natural movement long-term. They have provided an approach to fitness that excited me so much that I moved from Nashville to Orlando to work with them!”
Rebecca Whitney
Age: 49


You Deserve a Life that is Simply, Pain-Free, and Happy

When it Comes to your Health, You Deserve the Very Best

One Size Does NOT Fit All. Individualized Care Only

There is No “Quick Fix” to Replace a Long-Term Solution

Sports Performance MUST Mirror Sports Medicine

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