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It is very common for athletes and sportspersons to suffer from spraining or tearing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL. It is one of the most common injuries that occur when participating in contact sports. As per APTA or the American Physical Therapy Association, 100,000-200,00 ACL procedures are carried out every year. In this procedure, tissues are taken from the knee to make a new ligament. It helps in stabilizing the knee. After undergoing proper ACL physical therapy in Orlando, the players can return to their regular exercise and sports.

After undergoing injury, the person is referred to a physical therapist who helps them in rehabilitation. The physical therapist works in close tandem with the PT and helps the sportsperson recover and return to normal exercise and training.

My New Dimension is a reputed sports injury center that uses evidence-based testing that helps determine the readiness of the person for returning to exercise and sports after ACL rehabilitation in Orlando. This assessment helps in an increased likelihood of returning to sports. The entire process may take 4-6 months, depending on the severity of the injury.

How does ACL Physical Therapy help?

The focus of physical training is on reacquiring and gaining a full range of motion. In addition, it helps in strengthening the knee, relieving pain, and improve general fitness. Although most of the physical exercises are done at home, going for ACL rehab in Orlando at My New Dimension helps the injured exercise under the supervision of an athletic trainer or physical therapist. Various equipment is also used when going through the physical therapy at our center. The use of specialized equipment and tools helps to expedite the recovery process.

Knee Exercises

A variety of knee exercises is carried out at the center. These exercises involve strengthening and extension exercises. Here, heel props, towel stretches, and propped-up opposite leg exercises work pretty well. Another type of exercise at ACL rehab in Orlando that works well is bending exercises, where a CPM machine is used to help with flexion. The ACL reconstructed knee also undergoes graft knee.

Various medications and equipment are used to reduce swelling in the injured area. Once ACL rehabilitation in Orlando is done, the person is ready to return home.

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