Are My Problems Real?

By: Justin Cobb

Ask yourself right now, do you have any problems? If you answered yes, I’m going to say that you’re wrong. Problems can’t exist in the present moment. If you said you have a problem, it’s probably involving something you have to address five minutes from now, maybe even tomorrow, or maybe it is something from your past. This means you’re operating from the past or the future, not living in the present moment. In the present moment, problems cannot exist.

As such, we need to ask ourselves, are these problems even real? We all have our own conceptions of reality, what we think happened or what we think we experienced and we base our emotions and stresses off of that.

The only thing that’s absolutely real is this very second.

I invite you in here with us at New Dimensions to really honor the present moment, be in the present moment and heal in the present moment. Our holistic wellness center in Orlando will give us the opportunity to truly experience life together.

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