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Blue Light Blockers

The # 1 Eco-friendly Blue Light Blocking Glasses in the World.

Blue Sleeper’z

Prepare to improve your sleep, feeling more energized throughout the day with our stylish SIIZ Sleeper’z. By fully protecting yourself from blue and green light emitted from tech devices such as TVs, fluorescent or LED lights, ranging from 380-550nm.

Eve’z Blue Light Blockers

Similar to our Sleeper’z, these glasses prepare you for amazing sleep by protecting you from blue and green light emitted from tech devices such as TVs, fluorescent and LED lights. These lights have been shown to disrupt your sleep cycle via melatonin suppression (the sleep hormone). They block light ranging from 380-520nm.

DayGo’z Blue Light Blockers

Our stylish DayGo’z are designed to block 60% of the high peak frequency at 455 nm emitted by LED’s and digital devices. This frequency is known to overstimulate cortisol, the stress hormone in the brain, which contributes to anxiety and mood swings.
SIIZ Blue Light Blockers

Mito Life

Supplements for a less stressful, more energized and happier life.

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Dissolve-It-All is a systemic enzyme and cofactor blend that consists of enteric-coated Serrapeptase and Nattokinase. When taken on an empty stomach, they circulate in the system for up to 12 hours, assisting in breaking down fibrin and other accumulated proteins.


Digest-It-All is a synergistic digestive enzyme blend of multiple types of protease, amylase and various enzyme extracts. They help to support optimal digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers and nutrients.


Panacea is a pure tablet form of shilajit from the Siberian mountains in Russia. Shilajit naturally secretes from high elevation mountains in the form of a tar or resin. This can then be extracted using reverse osmosis water into a powdered extract. Panacea is simply the resin compressed into an easy-to-take tablet.
Mito Life Supplements

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