Everything you need to know

What do I need to bring for my first session?

Please arrive 10 mins early to complete all necessary paper work. We recommend you wear comfortable athletic wear. If you have any scripts for physical therapy or MRI reports, please bring them in for us to make a copy.

What makes New Dimensions different from other therapies?
An industry secret most people don’t know is that the insurance companies dictate which exercises and treatments can be performed for an injury, instead of the actual therapist! It’s one of the main reasons traditional therapy fails people.

New Dimensions’ advanced therapy has revolutionized the way our expert therapists can treat injuries by removing the insurance companies restrictions. Placing you and your needs first! We take a wholesome approach to your health and movement with the understanding that all of the systems of the body are connected.

Why do I see the entire team of therapist and not just the same one?
New Dimensions believes everything is connected and each therapist specializes in different techniques. This allows us to get extra sets of eyes on you and take a wholesome approach to the overall health of both your mind and body. We take detailed notes on every session. Once per week, during clinical rounds, all therapists meet to discuss your progress and to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.
Why is everyone barefoot?
The feet are our base. In fact, we have 33 joints in the foot, which all need to move well in order to give us a solid foundation. In over 50% of low back pain cases, the foot has been found to be the root cause!
Do you work with (Insert surgery/injury/type of person)?

Yes, if you are a human, we work with you. If It is a condition / injury / etc that can happen to a human. Yep, we can still help with that :)

Can I use my HSA/FSA?


Is New Dimensions Covered by my insurance?

Our services may be covered by your insurance provider as out-of-network medical care. We will provide you the completed Superbill to send into your insurance company for reimbursement. Since we are a licensed medical facility with licensed clinicians, most insurance companies provide some level of reimbursement.

What is your cancelation / reschedule policy?

If you need to reschedule, we require a 24 hour notice (you will be sent a confirmation reminder via text & email 26 hours before your appointment). If you need to cancel or reschedule 24 hours within your appointment, you will be charge for the session.