Florida golfer gets a mulligan from SI joint and low back pain

By: Josh Thomas

For Robert Sexton, low back pain, shoulder issues and general injuries were par for the course. As a business owner working in golf travel, his injuries were hindering his ability to not only work, but to enjoy and excel in the sport he loves. Growing up in Michigan, Robert played ice hockey as a kid and today enjoys tennis, alpine skiing and water skiing between tee times.
Participating in sports across different terrains, Sexton was no stranger to injuries, aches and pains.
Florida golfer gets a mulligan from SI joint and low back pain
While water skiing a few years ago, Robert injured his left shoulder. This was coupled with low back pain he was experiencing that was preventing him from playing and practicing pain-free. Robert was then referred by a friend to check out the experts at New Dimensions Wellness. Having been in alpine skiing accidents sustaining knee and calf injuries as well, getting pain-free and back to full strength was of utmost importance so Sexton could efficiently run his luxury golf travel company, Distincte Travel.

“My shoulder has bothered me probably for six years. Let’s just say that shoulder has no pain in it at the moment, zero,” Robert said. “I came to New Dimensions with a couple of issues and I would say those issues are resolved. I’m relieved, surprised, almost shocked. I didn’t have to do any medical procedures. I can play golf now three, four, five days in a row without pain.”

Upon coming in to New Dimensions, Robert’s imbalances were identified and addressed. His hips needed to be pulled into alignment and kept there, not just quickly adjusted and written off. “I noticed there was an imbalance in his hips and during his swing, his foot was not connecting well to his hip,” New Dimensions owner Brantley Hawkins said. “It was not only causing him to lose power and stability, but it was creating unwanted pressure and friction into the joints of his low back. Once aligned, stabilized and strengthened, he had more mobility in his swing, more power and was playing continuously without pain.”

At New Dimensions, the mind-body connection is everything. Combining advance physical therapy and health treatments with elite fitness and performance training, the physical body is coupled with our thoughts and emotions to dive deeper into all aspects of health and performance. This superior wellness system has been written about in over 500 publications. Having been described as “incomparable to any gym, physical therapy clinic or health and wellness studio” by those who have experienced New Dimensions, owners Brantley Hawkins and Justin Cobb bring over 20 years of combined experience and techniques that look at the big picture, not just a portion of the body.

Sexton dove head first into the program and immediately saw results.

“Robert initially came in with SI joint pain, pain in his back after playing golf and even during his swings. He decided to jump head first into our program, our full mind-body-spirit three phase program,” owner Justin Cobb said. “He quickly recognized that we had things for him that he didn’t even know he needed. He took to our mental program and after one session, won his tournament at Orange Tree Country Club. Our goal with him is to make him a champion.”

Through advanced physical therapy, mental performance and group fitness sessions, Robert has reclaimed his body and approach to golf. He’s won tournaments, is able to practice regularly and can rely on his body to perform optimally. “My sports performance has improved, my body feels better. It’s a combination of performance, mental approach and physical maintenance I have not found anywhere else on this planet,” Sexton said. “New Dimensions has the expertise to maintain and improve my performance in golf and really, in life. I’d use the word miraculous.”

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