Functional Fitness: Orlando’s Answer to Stubborn Fat

By: Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT
Co-Founder: ND Wellness

As we bask in the warmth of the sun-drenched summer in Orlando, many of us are striving to achieve our personal fitness goals. We’ve logged miles on the treadmill and remained faithful to our diets, yet that persistent belly fat may still linger. If this scenario feels familiar, you’re not alone, and the remedy may be unique and unexpected.

It turns out that the pesky fat you’ve been battling could, in reality, be chronic or trapped inflammation. Yes, it’s a surprising revelation for many. But, recognizing this paves the way to realizing the body transformation you’ve been ardently working towards.

Our bodies are intricate systems, akin to a network of pipes. However, unlike rigid metal pipes, these channels can become constricted, causing obstructions. Such blockages can restrict blood flow, limit the transport of water, vitamins, and nutrients into our cells, and hinder the expulsion of inflammation and toxins (the ‘stubborn fat’) from your body.

In the world of functional fitness, Orlando stands out as a beacon for innovation. At ND Wellness, located right here in Orlando, we’ve developed a range of specialized routines that incorporate functional training and functional strength training principles. These exercises are specifically designed to clear these blockages, reopening these pathways and allowing the chronic inflammation (or ‘stubborn fat’) to effectively drain from your tissues.

So, why is functional exercise in Orlando the way forward? Unlike isolated workouts, functional patterns mimic real-world activities and enhance your overall strength, flexibility, and endurance. They’re the cornerstone of a fitness philosophy that not only helps you lose weight but also improves your overall functionality and performance.

If you’re ready to ditch that stubborn fat and embrace the power of functional fitness, Orlando’s ND Wellness is here to jumpstart your summer transformation. By addressing the root cause of persistent fat, you’ll be well on your way to revealing the body you’ve always yearned for.

Summer is the ideal time to unveil a new you, and at ND Wellness, we’re here to facilitate that transformation. If you’re in Orlando and curious about functional exercise, or if functional patterns, functional strength training, or functional training piques your interest, please visit our website at Here, you can learn more about our superior wellness programs, schedule a consultation, or delve deeper into our philosophy. Alternatively, give us a call or text at 407-305-4114.

Make this summer the season of your transformation. Welcome to a world where fitness is not just about lifting weights—it’s about cultivating a body that moves with the grace and efficiency that nature intended.

Yours in Health,
Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT
Chief Wellness Officer
co-Founder: ND Wellness

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