Golf Mobility



Golfing enthusiasts need to constantly improve their performance in the field and stay prevented from golf-related injury. If you find your body failing to run smoothly with the onset of the golfing season, your ball-hitting prowess may take a beating leading to poor performance, further injury, and ongoing frustration. The enjoyment of playing this game will also reduce significantly.

How does My New Dimension help?

My New Dimension helps to increase golf flexibility, Orlando to golfers with joint restrictions, muscle tightness, poor body mechanics, etc., which hamper perfect execution of the golf swings. Often, golf swing faults are seen in golfers who suffer from poor form, putting the ball, completing the follow-through, and the downswing. Over time, golfers sustain injuries, and the situation gets aggravated. Regular golfing mobility, Orlando treatment, or physical therapy brings a marked difference to their condition.

The physical therapists at My New Dimension have expertise in golf performance and can help achieve proper body movement biomechanics. It is achieved while eliminating pain, discomfort and avoiding injury. Golfing mobility, Orlando also brings a marked improvement in golf swing consistency.

Why Choose My New Dimension?

When you visit My New Dimension, our trained therapists put you on a customized rehabilitative program as part of golf flexibility, Orlando.

  • Biomechanics challenges identification that is responsible for hampering attaining peak golf performance.
  • Ensure healing with manual therapy.
  • Treatment plan creation addressing specific deficits and injuries impacting the gold game.
  • Long-term recovery with focused, therapeutic exercises.

At My New Dimension, you get an integrated in-depth evaluation and treatment plan that helps in the maximization of energy transferring abilities through the body and ultimately through the clubhead with improved efficiency and better speed.

Work with our golf professionals and work on your improved golf mobility and flexibility, Orlando, with our concentrated and results-oriented efforts.

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