Golf Performance Training


Performance Training

If you are a golfing enthusiast and wish to ace your game, invest in high-end golf performance training in Orlando. My New Dimension brings the best performance enhancement services to beginners and experienced golfers that help them in improving their game. Our expert therapists and trainers use 3-D swing analysis, physical assessment, and golf instructor’s inputs to create and design tailored golf workout programs. It also includes golf strength training, Orlando for the clients.

What you gain by associating with My New Dimension?

When you associate with us for golf performance training, Orlando, you can avail of many benefits that manifest in the following ways.

  • Reduced pains and aches
  • Added Distance
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Consistent Performance
  • Increased explosiveness and strength
  • Increased overall golf performance
  • Improved stamina and cardio strength

We use the latest and advanced technologies that help our clients to optimize performance and improve their games. We also rely on various equipment, tools, and instruments to give a simulated experience to the golfers. The golf strength training, Orlando goes a long way to set high benchmarks in golfing games.

Our clients undergo a physical screening and go with the best golf workouts per their fitness goals and physical assessment. Clients can assess various exercises and therapies that help in improving their game. These well-designed programs are aimed at fulfilling specific goals. These individual-based programs help in delivering the best overall results.

How we improve your golfing performance?

As part of your golf performance training, Orlando, here is what you get.

  • Improve the ability of the body to generate necessary power that helps in adding distance, improving consistency in performance while preventing injuries.
  • Increased golfing mobility also helps to improve and increasing distance, maximizing efficiency, and decreasing injury risks.
  • Improved power that helps to generate force from the ground, resulting in increased club speed.
  • Increased strength is the foundation for more power and fast speed. It also helps in increasing clubhead speed.
  • Faster speed helps to generate more clubhead speed which is directly correlated with increased distance.

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