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HIP Pain

Physical Therapy

While playing golf or other sports, many sportspersons and athletes sustain injuries. Our therapists are well-trained and experienced and provide various therapies to bring a remarkable improvement in hip pain. They are well-versed in the hip anatomy and structures that might be responsible for pain in the area. Additionally, they also help in analyzing movement patterns that determine the root cause of pain. When a golfer comes for hip pain physical therapy, Orlando gets complete freedom from pain in the hip and lower back region, which is the culprit of resulting pathology.

Root Causes of Hip Pain

Golfers often suffer from excruciating pain in their hip, knees, and lower back regions. Since these joints withstand a lot of bodyweight over the years, it results in a lot of wear and tear. There are many other reasons when hip and other joint areas take a severe beating. Some of the reasons behind this pain and discomfort are-

Osteoarthritis- In this problem, the cartilage keeps the ends of the bone in a joint from rubbing together, resulting in degeneration. Friction caused as a result is the reason for inflammation and chronic pain.

Bursitis- Bursae are fluid-filled sacs in the knees and hips that prevent friction between soft tissues and bones. Overuse and overexertion make these sacs inflamed, which results in bursitis, a painful condition.

Runners Knee- One of the reasons behind chronic knee pain is an unstable kneecap, a condition called patellofemoral syndrome or runner’s knee. Following a lot of health issues can worsen the problem.

All these problems can be resolved by timely hip pain physical therapy, Orlando. Hip pain as a result of playing golf can also be resolved with hip stretches for golfers.

At My New Dimension, various therapies are available that help brings a lot of relief from the incessant pain.

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