How to Get Golf to Love Me

By: Justin Cobb, New Dimensions Wellness Cofounder

If you are like most you have a love/hate relationship with golf. Sometimes (when you’re playing well) you love it and other times it can be the cruelest game around. The question is how can we change our minds and our bodies to make golf as easy as Sunday morning and leave our rounds feeling refreshed, revitalized and content.

When we are playing with expectations of a result and the fear of what can go wrong, it is easy to get frustrated with ourselves if that expectation is not met. With this comes feelings of low self esteem, anger, frustration, fear, insecurity and many other negative emotions. When we resonate with the frequencies and vibrations of these emotions, we attract more of this negativity towards us and life becomes increasingly difficult. Golf becomes increasingly difficult and not much fun. We can become physically sick, manifest pain in our bodies and negatively impact the people around us.

How to Get Golf to Love Me

By focusing our minds on gratefulness and the things we are grateful for, we can transform our minds, bodies and life. Grateful is defined as “feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness”. In my opinion, gratefulness is a way of living where we constantly express this emotion. If we can live this way, we will gain peace and happiness, things will come easier to us, our cells can transform and afford us more health and we will positively impact the world around us. A simple daily practice can produce stunning results and start us on a path of changing ourselves and our surrounding. Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world,”. This is the only way the world can change and the only thing you can actually control.

As you go to play golf, flood your mind and body with gratefulness. Maybe you are grateful for your playing partners? Maybe you are grateful to be healthy enough to play? Maybe you are grateful for the weather. Grateful to be outside. As you practice these thoughts, you literally change how your cells respond. You will have a freedom of movement, increased flexibility and be overall happier as different hormones are released and secreted. If you love golf, golf will love you back. If you are frustrated with golf, golf will frustrate you right back. Be love, enjoy your round and play better.

By starting and ending our day with positive thoughts about things we are grateful for, we will begin to achieve a more constant state of positive being. Instead of waking with worry about what the day may hold, we will awake with thoughts of joy about all the things we enjoy and are grateful to have in our lives. It is very common at the end of the day to talk about all the things that went wrong and bothered us throughout the day. Couples and families will talk about all the negative aspects of the day. By utilizing the nightly practice of gratefulness you can now focus on the positive things you enjoyed about your day. The constant practice of this will transform you into a positive thinker and begin to change your cells, golf, relationships and body for the better.

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