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“I went from never feeling comfortable in my own skin to loving and drawing confidence from the way my body looked and felt.
How did this come about? Let me tell you how.”

“I have always focused on my health and fitness, as well as watching what I eat,” Orlando artist and businesswoman Hannah Mae Levy said. “I would run two to five miles everyday, held a gym membership and even paid for personal training three days a week. However, I never received the results I felt I deserved.”

Before Levy began traveling the world to create her own brand, she worked with Saks Fifth Avenue where she was constantly surrounded by models with the “perfect” physique.

“I never felt unattractive but I also never truly loved the way I looked,” Levy said. “I was never overweight or anything but I felt heavy and was never comfortable within my own skin. It wasn’t until after 10 years of traveling that I met Brantley with New Dimensions that I discovered what was happening to my body.”

“Hannah had trapped inflammation,” Brantley Hawkins, the founder of New Dimensions Wellness Club said. “Our body is 70% water and a large piping system. Hannah’s pathways had become clamped down, especially along her mid section and hips. This was causing her to hold onto excess inflammation.

loving and drawing confidence from the way my body looked and felt

This inflammation is often times mislabeled as stubborn fat.” New Dimensions specializes in a unique set of exercises that unlocks these pathways and clears the inflammation from the body. These specific exercises are commonly used with elite level athletes to get rid of inflammation during injury and to expedite recovery from intense exercise. “After being educated on the New Dimensions methods, it all made sense. I always had a little stomach pouch that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard I worked out,” Levy said. “Now, I’m working out less and getting better results! This is the first time in my life that I love the way I feel and look. Every woman deserves to feel good in their own skin and love the way they look. Helping women achieve that feeling is a major inspiration in the fashion I design today.”

Levy’s workouts now take less time, because they are optimized. She is now at an all time high with her confidence and mental clarity and even models her own designs for her business. Hannah’s confidence and work ethic also inspires others in the New Dimensions community as well. “Hannah realizes that fitness enables her to achieve the things she wants,” longtime New Dimensions member Kim Richbourg said. “She’s all about doing it the natural way, she puts in the work. People can draw selfconfidence from fitness. We are doing everything we can to make our bodies feel and look better. I’m 53 years old, you can only do certain things for so long. You need to find a functional, sustainable method.” It’s been a long journey, literally, for Hannah to get where she is today, but she is now at the top of her game, both physically and mentally. She feels like she has found a community that not only allows her to be herself, but helps her hrive in other aspects of life as well.

“It’s nice to know I’m alongside other women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60s or whatever the case. We are all doing what’s needed to mature gracefully, both physically and mentally, in order to continue living an active, healthy lifestyle,” Levy said. “New Dimensions isn’t like anything else you’ve done or seen. It will change your life. If you have run countless miles on the treadmill, eat healthy and exercise consistently, but still aren’t getting the results you feel you deserve. Your stubborn fat may simply be trapped inflammation. In order to help women love the way they look and to finally feel comfortable in their own skin, New Dimensions is offering (12) FREE evaluations to see if you are right for our stubborn fat loss program. This special is ONLY valid through the end of the month! Once the (12) vouchers have been claimed the special will end. Simply text “Bay Hill – Stubborn Fat Loss” to 407-305-4114 or call to claim your voucher today!

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