Guaranteed to
Fix Your Low-Back Pain
in 12-Weeks or Less,
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Are you fed up struggling through the front 9 before being sidelined?

Wellness Center in Orlando

Are you frustrated and ticked-off that you can’t swing with any power?

Wellness Center in Orlando

Can you tell that your buddies are starting to feel bad about playing you for money?

Fix Your Low Back Pain with New Dimension Wellness

New Dimensions has changed my life for the better. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I almost don’t believe it myself, but it works!

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Listen to Robert, a competitive golfer who is now able to practice his craft,
“as much as I want, pain-free!”

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This pro golfer’s doctor said, “She needed surgery and would never swing a golf club again!”

Watch this video to see what she did instead!

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Full-Body Assessment, Treatment, & Action Plan

Step 1: A face-to-face conversation, where our expert therapist can listen to you in order to better understand your unique situation.

Step 2: A 90 min thorough full body assessment, performed by our expert medical professionals, to expose the root cause of your back pain.

Step 3: We then carefully craft your individualized action plan to get the results you need, FAST! Getting you back out on the course, completely Pain-Free!

Fix Your Low Back Pain with New Dimension Wellness Orlando

If we are unable to develop an action plan for you after our assessment, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


If that action plan to fix your low-back pain in 12 weeks doesn’t happen, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for that too!

We are expert therapist in the business of helping those in need and want the best solution for you!

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Because we know that you are
Fed-Up and Disgusted,
looking for the right solution!

Wellness Center in Orlando

Reason 1: Our proven program is backed by Medical Science. Designed by Brantley Hawkins and Justin Cobb, who’s superior system has been written about in over 500 publications as “Incomparable” to anything else like it.

Wellness Center in Orlando

Reason 2: We do something no one else does… We not only use expert physical therapists, but we utilize athletic therapists and Advanced Health Treatments which are a vital part of our proven system to getting you results!

Wellness Center in Orlando

Reason 3: Once we find the root cause of your back pain, our sessions are carefully designed to set your body free from aches & pains, decompress jammed joints, and unlock the sticky muscles that leave you heavy and full of friction.

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Some testimonials

“I was stuck at home taking mega-doses of ibuprofen, and was unable to get anything done. I first tried physical therapy but it didn’t work. Based on what my doctors told me, they said I needed a surgical solution. I then learned about New Dimensions, but I was concerned that it wasn’t going to work for me and that I would have to get surgery anyway.
Now, I’m able to play 5 to 6 times per week! I can still compete when I want to without pain and I never had to get surgery!
New Dimensions changed my life!”

New Dimensions Wellness Club
Robert Jolly
Age: 59
I was fortunate to find Brantley and his unique approach to movement/rehabilitation at a time when I had dislocated my shoulder and was experiencing strong pain and limitations. Brantley is professional, caring, very knowledgeable with up to date innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises. Over the time period I committed to working with Brantley, my shoulder was greatly alleviated and allowed me greater range of motion as well as a decline in discomfort and pain. Training sessions and rehabilitation with Brantley were always enjoyable and he is a true professional in his field. Highly recommended.
New Dimensions Wellness Club
Alessandra Massi
Age: 42
Brantley Hawkins

New Dimensions was founded in the heart of Orlando, FL by Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT and Justin Cobb, MPT, ATC, LAT, CSCS.
Their superior health & performance techniques have be written about in over 500 publications. Often described as incomparable to any Gym, Physical Therapy practice, or Health & Wellness center.

Justin Cobb

I wish I had found these guys before I decided to get my spinal fusion…

New Dimensions Wellness Club

For this reason, I have carved out time in my schedule to speak with (3) people per week, in order to be sure you are well aware of all worthwhile options before you consider going under the knife.

Call now to see if we are the right fit for you.
The rest of your life is worth a conversation!

Here to help,
Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT
Director of Patient Care
Co-Founder: New Dimensions Wellness


Wellness Center in Orlando

You Deserve a Life that is Simply, Pain-Free, and Happy

Wellness Center in Orlando

When it Comes to your Health, You Deserve the Very Best

Wellness Center in Orlando

One Size Does NOT Fit All. Individualized Care Only

Wellness Center in Orlando

There is No “Quick Fix” to Replace a Long-Term Solution

Wellness Center in Orlando

Sports Performance MUST Mirror Sports Medicine