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Low Back

Pain Therapy

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes says that at least 80% of Americans are likely to suffer from low back pain during their life. Low back pain is one of the most common pain types in the human body. You can be having acute low back pain or chronic pain – the former lasts for just about a few weeks, while the latter lasts for more than three months. Combining low back exercises with many proven methods can heal optimally with the right guidance and supervision.

Whether you have hurt your low back because of an injury, a disease, or lifting a heavy object, you need holistic low back pain physical therapy in Orlando. If you have been searching for effective low back stretches and exercises, we are happy to announce that you have arrived at the right place.


My New Dimension for effective low back pain physical therapy in Orlando

Offering you a new dimension, a fresh perspective, and a never-tried-before outlook, we design and get you started on the perfect low back pain physical therapy in Orlando.

At New Dimensions, we believe that your body needs a full-fledged therapy plan for helping recover your lower back. It needs to mix low back pain exercises and traditional and modern techniques for best results.

If you are into sports, you need something special for speedy recovery and relief from pain. We are thoroughly experienced in physical therapy for low back stretches in Orlando for golfers, soccer, gymnasts, swimming, tennis, dancers, and other sportspeople.

Our vision at My New Dimension offers you physical and mental strength and hope by understanding your exact requirements and curating a low back pain physical therapy in Orlando that best suits your exclusive case.

Our therapy is planned well with the objective of best output, performance and low back pain fix in Orlando. With a proven track record, our unique set of low back stretches has offered respite and relief to our clients – we have seen them transform from overwhelmed individuals with their pain to walking out of our doors with superior confidence and smiles on their faces. Read the online reviews of our clients to know their feedback on the effectiveness of low back stretches for golfers and other sportspeople at My New Dimension, and call us today to know more!


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