Meet Brantley

About Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT

Chief Wellness Officer, New Dimensions Wellness Club
Brantley Hawkins holds a four-year degree in Sports Medicine and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. As the co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer of New Dimensions Wellness Club, Brantley has dedicated his life to blending innovative wellness practices with traditional exercise physiology. His groundbreaking methods have not only gained international acclaim, being featured in over 500 publications worldwide, but have also earned specific recognition by the Boston Herald for effectively reducing stress and enhancing cognitive performance among high-level executives and world-class athletes.

Brantley’s journey began in the field of athletics, where his passion for physical activity was evident. Yet, despite adhering to textbook exercises and perfect form, Brantley noticed a worrying level of compression and tension in his body during his twenties. This realization prompted him to expand his horizons and explore wellness strategies beyond the conventional scope

Global Insights and Innovations

Accompanied by his wife, Brantley embarked on a worldwide expedition that took them to Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, South America, and Hawaii. During these travels, they delved into various cultural approaches to exercise and movement. This journey was not just about exploration but about weaving these global philosophies with Western scientific principles to create a unique, effective approach to wellness.

Philosophy and Approach

At the core of Brantley’s philosophy is the desire to maintain and enhance athleticism through sustainable health practices. His approach focuses on lengthening and strengthening muscles, eliminating discomfort, and ensuring lifelong athletic capability. “I want to surf when I’m a hundred, surf with my grandkids, and do the things I love with the ones I love,” says Brantley, encapsulating his vision for a life filled with activity and vitality.

Join the Movement

Today, Brantley continues to innovate at ND Wellness, where traditional boundaries of physical therapy and fitness are continuously pushed. Whether it’s guiding high-level executives to manage stress, removing the guesswork for supermoms to age gracefully, or helping athletes maximize their performance, his methods are about more than just physical wellness; they’re about enhancing life’s quality at every stage.

Discover how you can keep the vigor of youth well into the golden years and keep “the old man out of the chair.” Visit ND Wellness to learn more and join us on this transformative journey