Movement Therapy



Popularly called dance therapy, movement therapy is one of the most practiced physical therapies at our facility in Orlando. My New Dimension believes in advocating movement therapy in Orlando, where we guide our client to use movements to overcome a life challenge, be it a restrictive physical or a mental disability.

We work with you in very close quarters to enhance your cognitive well-being and focus on physical, emotional, and mental health and happiness.

What is included in movement therapy in Orlando?

Several activities are planned out as part of the exclusive therapy. It includes stretching exercises, unstructured dancing movements, and creative steps that our individual clients come up with to express their in-depth thoughts and feelings with their physical movements. All of this occurs under the supervision and guidance of trained and licensed professionals at our facility in Orlando.

At New Dimension, we encourage personal movement and expression

The logic and philosophy of movement therapy are based on how every individual can express themselves through their movements and language. However, illness and pain prevent us from using our freedom of movement where disabilities limit our movements and expressions. As a trained therapists in movement therapy in Orlando, we understand the limitations and guide the individual to practice dance therapy to reach their potential and curb their repressed thoughts and movements.

We train you on movement therapy to use your body language to harness its true potential. At New Dimensions, be ready to show you a new perspective to help you fight your disease willfully.

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