Neck Pain Therapy


Pain Therapy

Suffering from chronic neck pain or stiffness? Do your head and neck have a limited range of motion? Get in touch with experts for neck pain for physical therapy in Orlando at My New Dimension.

How do we work?

We understand your specific issue and then define the objective and scope of work. The program’s goals could range from reducing stiffness to improving pain, enhancing the neck and head motion range, and dynamically strengthening the neck and its musculature.  We further work with our clients to work out strategies to ensure that the pain does not recur and come back to haunt you again. We develop ways to eliminate the pain completely and help your neck posture to work and function normally.

Types of neck pain for physical therapy in Orlando

  • Passive therapy is a therapy where treatments like ice packs or massage therapy help reduce pain and inflammation. In these treatment forms, the patient does not have to do much other than following the instructions.
  • Active therapy is where the client carries out the exercises under our supervision in which he needs to move his body and neck. Through stretches and exercises, the muscles and the neck become flexible for daily movements. With regular practice, the pain reduces, and you get back better posture for your neck and the cervical spine.

Why My New Dimension?

Our expertise in neck pain for physical therapy in Orlando is used to offer optimized relief and treatment to our clients suffering from neck pain-related issues.

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