New Dimensions Wellness, connecting mind to body

By: Josh Thomas

“All Love Everything” is the creed by which Orlando, Florida-based New Dimensions Wellness operates. Combining the mind with the body and establishing an all encompassing connection, New Dimensions is boldly going where the health care, physical therapy and fitness industries haven’t gone before.
New Dimensions Wellness, connecting mind to body

The critically acclaimed and highly reviewed exclusive wellness club combines advanced physical therapy and health treatments with elite fitness and performance training. In traditional movement and exercise, one muscle group is targeted at a time to increase its strength. This is a trend that New Dimensions has flipped on its head. Establishing the mind-body connection and teaching the body to move as a whole with rhythm and timing, formulates New Dimensions’s unparalleled approach to wellness. Combining their unique movements and advanced therapies, New Dimensions provides a one-of-a-kind journey linking all the body’s pathways, leading to a happy, healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

Established by UCF alums Brantley Hawkins and Justin Cobb in 2018, New Dimensions continues to grow and etch their mark in the Central Florida community and beyond in the world of wellness. Hawkins and Cobb combine to offer 20+ years of experience incorporating their uniquely developed physical and mental health techniques.

Working with everyone from high-level professional athletes to newcomers looking for change, New Dimensions understands health is multi-dimensional and that there is no singular answer for overall health. Their distinct approach allows the natural biomechanics, biorhythms and kinetics of the body’s joints and muscles to restore themselves. With this science backed method, they have fostered a culture that reaches beyond borders to help anyone seeking to reshape their life.

Hawkins, Cobb and their team empower and equip their clients with long-term solutions to transform physical and mental health. The New Dimensions goal is to truly and organically enhance the lives of everyone who steps into their facility. All while fostering a positive, uplifting environment promoting wellness and healing. All Love Everything.

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