Re-Imagine Your Approach to Functional Fitness: A Body Carefully Crafted by Nature

By: Brantley Hawkins, MS, ATC, LAT
Co-Founder: ND Wellness

In the vast panorama of human evolution, our muscles and muscular anatomy have been carefully crafted by nature. It’s time we re-imagine our approach to fitness with functional training in Orlando, harmonizing with our inherent physiological design.

As our ancestors roamed the earth, they weren’t isolating muscle groups for a workout. Instead, their daily activities—running, hunting, gathering—required them to utilize every muscle in their bodies concurrently. This orchestration of muscle groups working together reflects our body’s natural functional exercise patterns, which have been refined over thousands of years of evolution.

Re-Imagine Your Approach to Functional Fitness: A Body Carefully Crafted by Nature
Recognizing this holistic perspective towards movement, we’ve incorporated these principles into our innovative, award-winning training system here in Orlando. We believe in functional strength training that leverages multiple lines of muscle connections, instead of focusing on isolated muscle work. This approach doesn’t just mimic our natural movement patterns—it enhances them, leading to improved functional fitness in Orlando.

The beauty of this training system is its real-world applicability. By emulating natural movements, you train your body in a way that supports everyday activities, making you stronger, more balanced, and more efficient in everything you do. Moreover, by avoiding the strain that isolated muscle training can sometimes impose, you significantly reduce your chances of injury, making your workout a pain-free exercise experience in Orlando.

In essence, our functional training system is not just about building muscles—it’s about cultivating a body that moves with the grace and efficiency that nature intended. Take a journey back to our roots and discover the true potential of your body with our award-winning programs here in Orlando.

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