Self-Maed: Orlando artist and businesswoman travels the world and enters New Dimensions

From growing up in Michigan to studying in Chicago, teaching English in Thailand, living in Australia making jewelry and traveling to over 30 countries around the globe, Hannah Mae Levy has seen it all.

As a Florida fashion and jewelry designer running her own business, it takes a high level of confidence and focus to thrive in such a competitive industry. That wasn’t always the case for Levy, as every entrepreneur is well familiar with the uncertainties and pressures associated with taking that leap of faith on your dreams.

“I always knew I didn’t want to be in Michigan,” Levy said. “I wanted to go to Chicago after high school.”

Chicago is exactly where Levy ended up. She attended Columbia College Chicago where she received a degree in Fashion Business. While in school, she interned with Saks Fifth Avenue and upon graduating, landed a position with the legacy fashion company. With aspirations of working in the design world, this would seem like a dream for someone looking to get a foot in the field.

However, Levy quit and left to teach English in Thailand and ended up traveling the world for roughly 10 years.

“I realized I didn’t want to work for anyone. I don’t take direction well. Growing up, all my teachers told me I was a natural leader,” Levy said. “It was always in the back of my head. I knew I never wanted a life of mundane routine. I wanted to experience the colors, fashion and culture of the world. I wanted to be inspired. I wanted to create!”

Self-Maed: Orlando artist and businesswoman travels the world and enters New Dimensions
As Hannah took off around the world, she was inspired and she did create. As any artist can tell you though, the familiarity of the fear of rejection or criticism when it comes to something you’ve created with your heart and soul can be daunting.

“I feared not being good enough, I feared failure. So I continued searching for courage around the world,” Levy said. “It wasn’t until I settled back into the United States that I ran into the love of my life in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Brantley [her now husband] taught me how to make decisions based out of love instead of fear. This changed my life and my business prospered.”

Brantley Hawkins, now husband to Hannah, is the owner and co-founder of New Dimensions Wellness Club.

“All decisions are made from either of two emotions, fear or love,” Hawkins said. “Decisions made out of love are spirit-guided and decisions made out of fear never give you the outcome you truly want.”

Hawkins not only guides his members to make decisions based out of love, but teaches his clients the must know secrets to success when it comes to looking and feeling their best.

“Our body is 70 percent water,” Hawkins said. “We have all these pipes running through our body and they often get clamped down and backed up with inflammation. This inflammation not only drains our energy and leaves us in a brain fog, but it gets caught in our muscle tissues particularly in our mid section and hips, and it’s commonly mislabeled as stubborn fat. Through my extensive education and many years of practice, I have found the only way to unclog the stuck inflammation is to do specific movements and exercises that re-open the pathways. Thus allowing the inflammation (stubborn fat) to leave the tissues and exit the body.”

These unseen obstacles were blocking Levy’s way without her even knowing.

“I have always focused on my health and fitness, as well as watching what I eat,” Levy said. “I would run two to five miles everyday, held a David Barton gym membership, and even paid for personal training three days a week. However, I never received the results I felt I deserved. I was never overweight or anything but I felt heavy and never felt comfortable within my own skin.”

Having been a part of the New Dimensions system for years now, Levy feels she is more efficient with her time in the gym and has seen the results she was always looking for.

“After being educated on the New Dimensions methods, it all made sense. I always had a little stomach pouch that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard I worked out,” Levy said. “Now, I’m working out less and getting better results! This is the first time in my life that I love the way I feel and look. Every woman deserves to feel good in their own skin and love the way they look. Helping women achieve that feeling is a major inspiration in the fashion I design

Levy’s workouts now take less time, because they are optimized. She is now at an alltime high with her confidence and mental clarity and even models her own designs for her business. Hannah’s confidence and work ethic also inspires others in the New Dimensions community as well.

“Hannah realizes that fitness enables her to achieve the things she wants,” longtime New Dimensions member Kim Richbourg said. “She’s all about doing it the natural way, she puts in the work. People can draw self-confidence from fitness. We are doing everything we can to make our bodies feel and look better. I’m 53 years old, you can only do certain things for so long. You need to find a functional method.”

It’s been a long journey, literally, for Hannah to get where she is today, but she is now at the top of her game, both physically and mentally. She feels like she has found a community that not only allows her to be herself, but helps her thrive in other aspects of life as well.

“It’s nice to know I’m alongside other women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or whatever the case is and we are all doing what’s needed to mature gracefully, both physically and mentally, in order to continue living an active, healthy lifestyle,” Levy said.

“New Dimensions isn’t like anything else you’ve done or seen. It will change your life.”

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