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Shoulder Pain


Know all the best benefits of shoulder pain physical therapy Orlando

Shoulder pain is one of the joint pains that many suffer not only in Orlando but worldwide. And we offer the best shoulder pain physical therapy in Orlando for many years. There may be many reasons for pain in the shoulders, but the only best relief for it is Orlando. It may be because of the excess wear and tear or even an odd posture or the many injuries. But, only because of our professional physiotherapy Orlando do many people get the best non-surgical treatment for their shoulder pain.

Know the reasons for shoulder pain

In this modern world where physical activity is becoming lesser every day, people suffer from all kinds of pain. And the most predominant among them is shoulder pain as many sit before their gadgets hunched for hours. It is the reason that nearly one-fourth of adults suffer from it. The shoulder joint holds three bones from the upper arm, collar, and shoulder by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Since the shoulder is one of the most used parts, there are many reasons for pain. Irrespective of the reasons mentioned below, we, as the leading shoulder pain physical therapy in Orlando, offer the best non-surgical solution.

Overuse injuries because of irregular posture, muscle strain, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, infection, calcium buildup, osteoarthritis, and others

Sudden injuries, also known as acute injuries like the torn rotator cuff, bruises, strained muscles, dislocation, broken bones, injured nerves, ligaments, and tendons, among others

With our excellent team of physiotherapists, we offer the best shoulder pain physical therapy in Orlando. As experienced enough, they know the right exercises and movements as per the underlying reason for the shoulder pain. The following are the many benefits we offer people to get the best relief for shoulder pain.

Our benefits to getting relief from shoulder pain

  • We help the patients realize they’re experiencing shoulder pain for a specific reason, which is the first step.
  • We aim to relieve the shoulder pain and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder to improve its mobility and function.
  • We offer customized treatments according to age, physical condition, reasons, and response for relief and regain mobility quickly.
  • Our physiotherapists have proper education, training, and licensed professionals with enough experience to offer the best shoulder pain physical therapy in Orlando.
  • We offer physical therapy treatments that include joint mobilization, stabilization, stretching, and strengthening as per the shoulder pain.
  • We provide physical therapy programs like ice, heat, ultrasound, athletic taping, and electrical stimulation.
  • We give professional advice on workplace ergonomics and activity modification for the shoulder pain to not occur again.
  • Even with elders suffering from acute shoulder pain with no possibility of surgery, we give utmost care and concern for their treatments.

Call us now for custom-designed shoulder pain physical therapy in Orlando to treat it effectively with no need for any surgery. Stay healthy and choose to go surgery-free! New Dimensions Wellness is a leading provider of wellness solutions in Orlando.

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