SI Joint Pain Therapy

SI Joint

Pain Therapy

Suffering from Sacroiliac joint dysfunction or SI Joint Pain can be terrible. Patients must seek out experienced and knowledgeable trainers for SI Joint pain physical therapy in Orlando for optimized relief.

SI Joint is the one that connects both the hips with the spine. Any SI joint issue can cause low back pain – it has been found that in at least 15% of people, SI Joint cause low back pain. The best part is that the pain can be treated with physical therapy.

My New Dimension is an expert in SI Joint pain physical therapy in Orlando. Our team has trained extensively in different forms of physical therapy and fitness plans.  Under the guidance of our certified trainers, we embark upon a holistic program that helps relieve ligaments, joints, and tensed muscles. We work together to help you get your natural motions of the joints. The program also aims at conditioning the entire area providing support and comfort to the muscles and ligaments in the region.

Why us?

My New Dimensions was formed to give a newer perspective to your physical fitness, strength, and endurance levels. We have the experience and specialization to offer customized SI Joint pain physical therapy in Orlando. It includes exercising the affected area with the pelvis, groin, hamstrings, lower back, and abdominal muscles. We understand and assess your conditions and consult with your doctor to design your exercise program. Our trainers are industry experts in rehabilitative exercise and fitness therapy programs holing in optimal pain management.

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