Sports Medicine



Sportspeople need special care and training, especially when they need to recover from sports-related injuries. That is why My New Dimension has a separate category offering sports medicine in Orlando.

Our team consists of experts who work together to treat people engaged in sports or other rigorous fitness routines. Our team consists of trained physiotherapists, doctors, sports medicine specialists, trainers, and fitness trainers.  All of them are specialists in their niches.

Our team has specialized training in offering customized therapy programs for sportspeople and others hurt during sports or exercises. As a result, the client undergoes wholesome rehabilitation to recover from his injuries. Our trained and certified trainers work on your exercise routine for strength training. We also develop and design conditioning training programs, be need be to ensure that the affected area is not subjected to further injuries.

To provide holistic care and recovery, we have certified nutritionists onboard to prepare customized diet plans to make the training robust and functionally effective. In case there is a need for weight loss or weight gain, care is given to prepare a plan that addresses the client’s specific needs.

When to see us for Sports Medicine in Orlando?

Visit or call us when you have had an ankle sprain, tendonitis, fracture, concussion, injuries to the knee or shoulders, suffering from exercise-induced asthma, cartilage injury, or having issues with your diet.  My New Dimension has the best in-house program for sports medicine in Orlando for your comprehensive and optimized recovery plan. Getting fitter with us is easy and enjoyable!


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