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Looking to elevate your game to the next level?

Wellness Center in Orlando

Want to get out of pain and back to performing better?

Wellness Center in Orlando

Looking to train harder than your competition?

Wellness Center in Orlando

Wanting to keep aches, pains, and sorness away all season?

Wellness Center in Orlando

Looking to get your mind right & be more focused?

Our “Intro to Movement” Session allows you to master the fundamentals of this cutting edge training system!

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What makes New Dimensions’ Proven Method the #1 Choice for Professional Athletes?

Simple: Our method teaches you how to get the most strength and power out of your body while also helping you Recover Faster!

Pain-Free: Our proven method was designed by a Physical Therapist & Exercise Scientist to unlock your body & connect your strength!

Happy: Our Athlete Program has everything you need under 1 roof to elevate every aspect of your Physical, Mental, and Overall Health!


New Dimensions Wellness and Education’s offseason program helped me get in shape and identify anatomical compensations that were limiting my potential. The unique techniques and exercises given by Justin allowed me to enter the NBA season prepared and ready.
Sport Performance Program in Orlando
Jameer Nelson
New Dimensions Wellness and Education helped me prepare differently for my fights then I have in the past. Justin’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, healing, biomechanics and Neuro Emotional Techniques allowed me to treat my entire body and mind through my training camp. I was stronger, more flexible, more symmetrical in my movements and had increased mental focus after going through the program. I will seek him out in the future to prepare for my professional fights.
Sport Performance Training in Orlando
Ben Saunders


Wellness Center in Orlando

You Deserve a Life that is Simply, Pain-Free, and Happy

Wellness Center in Orlando

There’s a Big Difference Between a 6-Week “Certification” and a 6-Year “Education

Wellness Center in Orlando

One Size Does Not Fit All. When it Comes to Your Health, You Deserve the Best Individualized Care

Wellness Center in Orlando

There is No “Quick Fix” to Replace a Long-Term Solution

Wellness Center in Orlando

Sports Performance MUST Mirror Sports Medicine

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