The “Icebourg” Theory: Orlando family reshapes community at New Dimensions Wellness Club

By: Josh Thomas

Think of the biggest iceberg you can possibly imagine. Grand in scale, seemingly larger than life. Each marked with different features and details from its travels. While they can be massive in scale on the surface, the bulk of each iceberg, what it is truly made up of, lies beneath the surface. This is known as the “Iceberg Theory”.

The same can be said of the Richbourg family. On the surface, they are known as some of the hardest working members of the New Dimensions Wellness community. What lies beneath tells their whole story.

The “Icebourg" Theory: Orlando family reshapes community at New Dimensions Wellness Club
Having lived all throughout the East Coast including New York, they were directly impacted by the market crash of 2008 and like other families, had to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. Scott, a retired Wall Street banker, and Kim, an interior designer, assessed their options once the market crashed in 2008.

“We saw a significant financial setback in the crisis of 2008 and decided to sell our house in Connecticut and move to Florida,” Scott said. “It was extremely disruptive to the family. I thought it would be good for the family in the long run, but in the short run it was disruptive especially for the kids having to change schools.”

After settling in Florida, their kids Carley, Kyle and Casey all established themselves in sport and community. The Richbourgs started to lay their roots. They started a real estate company together, SCR Properties.

“After the move, Scott had to recreate himself,” Kim said. “He was still somewhat involved with investing, but we started buying and investing in homes in Orlando.”

Then Covid hit and brought the world to a halt.

New Dimensions Wellness community

“We said we are going to treat this as a blessing,” Kim said. The Richbourgs decided to take the opportunity to focus on their health and overall well-being. After being referred by a friend, they attended their first session at New Dimensions. They immediately knew it was where they needed to be.

“We were up early every single day and at New Dimensions at 8AM to train,” Scott said.

Having grown up playing softball and field hockey as well as collegiate tennis, Kim was always active and invested in her health. After the move, she was eager to find a system and community that gelled with the high expectations she had for herself. She tried everything.

“I came from the era of step aerobics. I’ve done trampoline jumping and I was a huge spinner. I’ve done weight training that was bodybuilding specific. I’ve done HIIT, CrossFit, I’ve been a runner, anything that’s challenging, I’ve done it,” Kim said. “I searched my whole life for this and I found it. New Dimensions embodies everything that I need to function. It is a part of me.”

For Scott, who grew up as a golfer, soccer and national champion racquetball player, he quickly embraced the new regimen and having the time to be active again. Whenever there were setbacks his life along the way, New Dimensions was there with him in step.

“New Dimensions helped me through the recovery of a previously torn achilles, a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum that had never fully healed. They were instrumental in the rehab of our daughter Casey when she tore her ACL,” Scott said. “Her recovery and getting back to an elite level of lacrosse wouldn’t have happened without the guidance of the New Dimensions team.”

The dedication to New Dimensions and the community became immediately apparent to cofounders Brantley Hawkins and Justin Cobb once they started working with the Richbourgs.

“When I first met them, I could quickly tell that they like to function at a higher level,” Hawkins said. “Not just physically but mentally too. There are people who like to live life and there are people who like to live life up here [raising his hand to emphasize a step up]. The Richbourgs excel in every aspect of their lives because they understand that discipline and consistency are the keys to success.”

The standard that the Richbourgs set for themselves is emblematic of their “iceberg”. On the surface you can see the growth and progress, but the real story is told underneath, the early hours in the gym working on bettering themselves.

“The entire Richbourg family embodies the New Dimensions way,” Cobb said. “They utilize every aspect of what we offer and they’ve reaped the benefits. They live a happy, healthy lifestyle. The love and support that they’ve shown New Dimensions is exactly why we exist and we hope to spread that love and support to every single person that walks through our doors.”

Iron sharpens iron. Hard times show a person’s mettle when presented with challenge. When you operate at a high level, it can be easy to find yourself alone and your network, your community, are people who operate on that same level. It was what the Richbourgs were searching for all along.

“Family is everything,” Kim said. “We love being around this community and it truly feels more like a family.”

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