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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Wellness Center in Orlando

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Not only is this an amazing place to workout with their group classes, but this place also provides EVERYTHING you need to be feeling your best self! Let alone the peaceful common areas, the building is SO clean and well taken care of. This place is so much more than a gym and worth every penny. Their group classes are fun (and always different). Brantley and Justin take YOUR particular well being into consideration. They will walk any individual through modifications if you have an injury in the middle of class. They truly want the best for everyone. They even let you take your first two classes free! You will not regret trying this place!
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Dana DiStefano

I was fortunate to find Brantley and his unique approach to movement/rehabilitation at a time when I had dislocated my shoulder and was experiencing strong pain and limitation. Brantley is professional, caring, very knowledgeable with up to date, and innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises that over the time period I committed to working with Brantley, greatly alleviated and allowed me greater range of motion and a decline in discomfort and pain. Training sessions and rehabilitation with Brantley were always enjoyable and he is a true professional in his field. Highly recommended.
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Alessandra Massi

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At ND Wellness, we understand the importance of functional exercise and training for overall health and wellness. As leaders in the industry of physical therapy and functional fitness in Orlando, we know that proper foot movement is crucial for maintaining stability and alignment throughout the body.

The Three Points of Contact in the Foot

At ND Wellness, we teach that the foot has three points of contact: The inside ball of the foot, the outside ball of the foot, and the heel. When these three points are in contact with the ground, the body is stable, and the knee, hips, and low back are aligned. However, when the foot is not properly supported, it can lead to instability and misalignment, which can cause pain and discomfort, especially for those who suffer from chronic joint pain.

Swinging Your Arms and Turning Your Hips

That’s why incorporating functional foot exercises into your exercise routine is so important. One effective exercise that we recommend at ND Wellness involves swinging your arms back and forth while turning your hips, focusing on pressing down on the inside ball of your foot and the big toe. This helps to maintain the three points of contact and improve stability and alignment throughout the body.

The Benefits of Proper Foot Movement and Functional Training

Proper foot movement not only improves stability and alignment, but it also provides other benefits such as improving flexibility, reducing the risk of injury, and alleviating pain in the knees, lowback, and even the neck. Plus, foot exercises can improve circulation and reduce swelling, which is especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Functional Training in Orlando for Joint Pain and Pain-Free Exercise

At ND Wellness in Orlando, we recommend incorporating functional foot exercises into your routine and even training barefoot to improve your stability and alignment while also promoting overall health and wellness. We offer functional training, functional strength training, and exercise for joint pain to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, we work with physical therapy specialists who can create customized treatment plans to help alleviate pain and get you on the path to becoming pain-free.


At ND, we know that incorporating proper foot movement into your routine is essential for maintaining stability and alignment throughout the body. By doing so, you can improve your stability and alignment, reduce the risk of injury, and improve your overall health and wellness. So go ahead, take off those shoes, and give your feet the attention they deserve with intelligent functional exercise and training at ND Wellness in Orlando.

Swing to Strength and Flexibility: The Benefits of Club Training for Shoulder Health and Functional Exercise in Orlando

Are you looking for a workout routine that can improve your shoulder strength, flexibility, and posture while preventing injuries? Look no further than club training, which is an excellent form of functional exercise in Orlando. Unlike traditional gym equipment such as dumbbells and barbells, clubs can provide a unique and effective tool for developing a strong, mobile, and injury-resistant shoulder complex.

One of the most significant benefits of using clubs is that it can help improve shoulder mobility and flexibility. The dynamic swinging motions used in club training can help stretch and strengthen the shoulder muscles and joints in ways that traditional exercises cannot. By connecting the shoulder back into the torso, hips, and feet, club training helps to integrate the entire body into the movement, resulting in a stronger and more stable shoulder complex. This is especially important for those seeking pain-free exercise options or exercise for joint pain.

Furthermore, club training can help prevent shoulder injuries by promoting balanced strength and mobility throughout the shoulder joint. Isolated shoulder exercises can lead to imbalances and weaknesses that increase the risk of injury. With club training, however, the shoulders are integrated into the full-body movements, making it less likely for one muscle group to become overworked or strained. This can help reduce the likelihood of developing shoulder injuries, especially for those who are prone to shoulder pain.

Moreover, club training can help improve posture and body awareness. By teaching your body how to use your hips, obliques, and core to generate power and momentum, club training helps develop a strong and stable base from which to move. This can help improve overall posture and body alignment, leading to reduced tension and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and back.

In summary, club training is an excellent choice for those looking to improve shoulder health, flexibility, and strength while preventing injuries and improving posture. It’s a great form of functional strength training and pain-free exercise option for those experiencing joint pain. So why not add club training to your workout routine and experience the benefits for yourself at a functional training Orlando studio or gym?

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