Your Hips Don’t Lie!

Justin Cobb, cofounder of New Dimensions Wellness

It takes your entire body working in sequence to have that effortless, effective, reproducible swing all of us want as golfers! Here at New Dimensions Wellness we say there are three main movement pillars of the body that must have mobility and strength. These “three pillars” are the foot/ankle complex, the hips and the thoracic spine. I will focus on the hips, because we all know that they don’t lie, as sang by the beautiful Shakira.

The hips are one of the most mobile joints in the body as they go through six measurable ranges of motions as compared to the knee which only has two. Therefore, it is imperative that the hips have good mobility in order to keep the body from compensating from a less mobile joint. From the bottom up, the body is assembled in a mobile-immobile-mobile-immobile-mobile fashion. Meaning the feet are very mobile, the knees are not, the hips are very mobile, the lumbar spine is not and the thoracic spine is therefore mobile. If the joints that are supposed to be mobile are not, then the immobile joints must move to compensate thus starting the aches and pains which can keep a golfer away from the course.

The two most common injuries in golf are knee pain and lumbar spine pain, the two immobile joints we talked about earlier. If our hips, feet or thoracic spine do not move efficiently or properly, these other two sandwiched areas are going to be forced to do what they are not made to do. It is extremely important for performance and longevity to have your body assessed and come up with a care plan to keep you on the course for as long as you want to play the game.

Here at New Dimensions, we have a very specific movement assessment performed by our Director of Golf to clearly assess where your body is deficient and immobile. We then have an easy program that takes you from step one all the way to moving at an elite level which will keep you playing golf and enjoying life for as long as you wish. Call us to set up your examination and stay in the game!

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Your Hips Don’t Lie!

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